blogI had the opportunity to paint this small 6x6in piece for one of my classmates from college. I was given free reign on the painting, other than there had to be a lady bug. No problem! I am currently experimenting with palette colors and I think that I will be working with these colors for a while as I find them to be very vibrant and refreshing.

Also I am currently available for commissions, so if you would like a nice piece of art, please contact me!

1504522_10202660929035495_376080804_n 1476112_10202661069038995_554340370_nI have been very inspired by the Impressionists lately. Actually, things have come full circle because the first time I ever fell in love with a painting was one of Monet’s landscapes. I have been studying and researching other Impressionist artists and came across Berthe Morisot. I have to say that although I am not the biggest fan of figurative work, I fell in love with Morisot’s brush technique. What better way to explore this than to paint a copy of one of her works. I chose a pastel drawing of Morisot’s and decided to recreate it in oil. This was the finished product (the bottom image is just a detail from the full piece above). My copy is much more colorful than the original and has some proportion issues, but overall I am very pleased with this study. I might do a few more master copies in the near future!!


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