remnants-nicole-gelinas-03 remnants-nicole-gelinas-08 remnants-nicole-gelinas-13

I was going through some of my old polaroids the other day and noticed that my black and white polaroids had changed color, and started to ‘grow’ little white dots. Intrigued by this, I scanned them right away and then proceeded to tear them apart to get a better look at what was happening. By doing this, the white dots peeled away along with the backing of the polaroid leaving holes in the emulsion. By repeating this process I now have 10 more photos to add to what I thought was a finished photo series. The new images fit seamlessly into the concept of the work and I could not be happier to make such a discovery.

I am now inspired to take it even further and see how far I can destroy/manipulate the image until there is nothing left. Do you have any ideas or techniques that could be helpful?

To see all of the photographs and read about the concept of this work, please visit my website.

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    • Nicole Gelinas said:

      Thank you!

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